Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Friend Forever?? i Missed U..

U see.. in My life, there are a lot of people come and go..
for me.. sometimes its great.. to know such person..
but.. sometimes.. it shows i have become lonely..
i always appreciate my frens and family.. i always called them and hang out with them..
bcoz of that memory.. it always makes me missed them so much..
it is a lot easier if they are still alive..
i could just called and say that i missed them..

but what if the person is not here in our world anymore..
all i can do.. is to pray and wish for their best. But that is something that could make me happy every time i missed them bcoz we have our time together and thats a happy memory..

in other story.. what if i missed someone.. who were still living in this world but hard to say it to them.. for example.. someone that mad at me.. someone that seems to be so far..
someone that i have crushed for her before and now with some other guy.. someone that running away from me.. someone who suddenly choose to be silence..

i dont know this phrase still exist or not.. "Friends Forever"... it have a lot of meanings..
i don't think many would agree.. but i think it happen only with certain people.. not every friends in the world..

and me??

Right now.. i really missed someone.. and i don't know what to do..
if only she read this.. i hope.. u could tell me.. that u missed me too..

Take Care~

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