Friday, January 1, 2010

Great Year 2009~

My Greatest Year of All..


Dalam part akademik nih.. mmg xbyk la.. mcm biasa.. xde la cemerlang.. awal tahun was awesome.. and second sem.. awful.. huhu.. other then that.. its good.. in fact.. it was great..


This year i've met a lot of new frens.. get in touch with my old frens as well.. dan agak byk juga kwn2 yg dah kawen.. sad.. bcoz xsume yg dpt pegi.. happy as well.. bcoz bila gi kenduri daus dpt jumpe geng2 lama.. very happy at that moment..


This year means a lot to me for my health.. i cannot tell anyone about this.. but.. i think i'm doing just fine.. no need to worry..

Achivement in Persatuan & other thing.

Just in this year, i have went to several new places (not with my family) and all state in peninsular malaysia.

i even went to singapore.. huhu.. it was fun.. going with my frens..
i've been to peneng twice this year.. which is on March and October.. both for mampan.
i've been to JB which i've wanted to go for a long time.
terengganu, pahang, kl, melaka, selangor, was like my second home. always there..
been to UUM as well..
i've been enjoying my quality time with my best frens.. like nurul, amnah, yassir, daus, MAMPAN punyer geng.. and i have a lot of fun.. happy moment.. and sad too.. huhu..
we have a program in cameron highlands.. it was beautiful place..


Well.. nothing much to tell.. all i can say.. twice is enough.. huhu..
there are up and down.. and when its come to the end.. i know.. i have to let go..
hard.. but i have too.. wish her all the best...


Well.. as a conclusion about my life in 2009.. i have a great journey.. i learn so many thing about human, people, love, kindness, cruel, and so many others.. not saying i was a good person.. but i did try to be the best person ever.. to my family, frens, to someone i loved so much, to my state and country.. For those people out there.. lets share with me.. what did u got.. in 2009..

TaKe Care..