Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My family always ask.. why i'm doing all this..
going here and there..
but in return, all i get.. is.. tired..

This is my answer.. behind all that.. i have my reasons..

and here it is..:

1.Help others..
2.Make a difference..
3.Find purpose..
4.Enjoy a meaningful conversation..
5.Connect with my community..

6.Feel involved..
7.Contribute to a cause that i'm care about..
8.Use my skills in a productive way..
9.Develop new skills..
10.Meet new people..
11.Explore new areas of interest..
12.Meet good people..
13.Impress my mom..
14.Impress myself..
15.Expand my horizons..
16.Get out of the house..
17.Make new friends..
18.Strengthen my resume..
19.Feel better about myself..
20.Learn, Learn and Learn..

So.. hopefully they can understands.. and so do u..
join me if u want.. i will be very glad..


1 comment:

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