Dia?? hmm.. Siapa Dia?? Hehe..

Her BirthDay was 23 August 1984.. So.. Wanna wish Happy Belated Birthday To U sis..

Her name?? Nur Sabrina.. Cukup la nama tu je..
Akak ni sgt rapat dgn saya time kat sekolah dulu..
always hang out together.. kat sekolah.. town... always shares stories.. problems..
kami xkisah pon org kate kami couple.. sbb kami mmg rapat time tu..

Then i go to SM teknik di rompin.. Dia.. masih di kuantan.. walaupun jauh.. i always call her.. walaupon hidup time tu sgt sengsara (sbb sekolah tu bkn baik sgt pon).. at least ade jugak teman bercerita.. i know i could rely on her.. until one day...

The day that change everything.. 26 dec 2002.. Dia.. pada masa itu student UiTm.. i don't know what i have done wrong.. until now.. i still don't know..
Suddenly.. nk gi umah dia.. since dah dekat sbb gi umah kwn.. tp dia da nk balik kampus..
i still remember that time.. i was in a bus.. going back to my home.. Then she send me a sms.. tell me.. to forget her.. just like that..
"Lupekan akak.. and please don't come to my house ever!"

We did argue.. but.. saya xbrani nk wat dia marah.. and so i do.. what ever she tells me to..
How ever.. every year.. i never forget her birthday.. normally saya wish kat HP.. now.. no dia da xde.. baru td wish kat frenster.. and i put this blog url.. hoping she would open and read this..
walaupon kwn dia kate dia da ok.. xmarah lg.. mmg dia xmarah pon.. tp pelik.. dia xplak approve frens request kat frenster.. hmm.. lgpon.. dah brape tahun xberkata2... hmm.. pnah jugak terserempak beberapa tahun dulu.. but.. keadaan da xsama.. All i can say.. i missed the time we shared together in our school.. Byk sgt nk shared dgn dia.. but.. life must go on.. Start dr itulah.. i always say sorry to all people.. esspecially girl/woman.. so that they would not leave me.. if i have done any mistakes.. at least not the way she did..

And to u sis..
i'm sorry.. if i had done anything that hurt ur feelings.. until now i don't know what it is..
and i feel kinda lonely sometimes.. hmm.. i know it have been too long.. i always know an update about u.. Tau kamu dah bertunang.. maybe da kawen agaknya.. tu i xtau la.. but.. anyway.. congratulations..

thank u.. for everything.. u made me a better person actually.. saya harap kita sama2 menuju ke arah yg lebih baik dlm hidup..

Take Care dear Sis.. Gud Luck.. and Happy BirthDay..


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